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Post by Alik on Sun Oct 05, 2014 6:45 pm

Welcome to The Fading Monochrome! We are glad to see you have taken interest in our forum. I'm sure wants you introduce yourself to our community, you won't regret it. And there is no need to hesitate! But you must know how things run around here!

Language And Behavior: On this forum, we expect you to act your best. Avoid using negative language, even if it wasn't directed at anyone. Simple words such as "damn" and "piss" are alright, we don't consider them offensive. But if someone is getting uncomfortable by your mouth, stop! We also expect you to type in proper English, not L1K3 TH15 (Like This). Please put effort into communication. No racist, hate speech, flame wars, defamatory, illegal, insulting, or pornographic content is tolerated on here.

Respect: Please respect everyone on the forum! May it be guests or staff!

Moderating: Do not mini-mod. That is why we have staff, and you are not a staff member!

Discrimination: Do not discriminate others!

Avatars & Profiles: No sexual, violent, pornographic, insulting, or offensive profile avatars! Also, FC's cannot be realistically animated or people in reality.

Alternate Accounts (Or Alts) You may have as many characters as you'd like but you must stay active on all of them!

Kill topics, Ambushing, Godmodding and Powerplaying: Kill Topics are topics you have with someone when that topic allows any of you characters to be killed off permanently. You cannot walk in and kill someone! You must have permission from the user! Godmodding and Powerplaying are not tolerated! You can ambush a person's character if you get permission OOC from that user! Autohits are not tolerated!

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