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Nationalities! Empty Nationalities!

Post by Alik on Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:27 pm


The last of mankind has been on the brink of extinction for generations, barely holding on what little resources and faith they had. They were cornered by the Corrupted and the cruelty of life itself, hope was lost among humanity until seven great beings rose up and thought of a plan. These seven leaders built citadels in mankind's old and crushed nations.

Nation Information:

Russia: (In)Famous for being the extremists of mankind, Russians are isolated from the other nations and has access to long-lasting resources. They are the biggest nation out of the seven and often have exotic looks. With a citadel surrounded by docile corrupted snow bears and other creatures, it is often to find a Russians with immense body strength and muscular looks. This nation is known for willpower and intimidation. They take it all or leave it there. NOW LETS GO BLOW UP SOME CITIES!
Alba Shoal- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive
Feliks- Where Necromancers Thrive
Gavrill- Where other populous Thrive

Italy: Known for being the goody-two-shoes of mankind, Italians take life easy and never defend their cities as well as Russia or Germany. They always take what they want and make something tasty and amusing out of it. Full of necromancers and a ghost town for corrupted, Italy is a place to live an easy, fun life. Famous for laid-back people, Italy influences the easy life! Now sit down and have some food!
Cosimo- Where Necromancers Thrive
Elario- Where other populous Thrive
Ilario- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive

Germany: Famous for their strict, protective, firm fashion, Germany is a nation for hard workers. Full of tacticians and strategists, Germany are full of corrupted-killing, cold blooded people who show no mercy. They do and say and take what they need. A military more advanced than the other nations and highly secured gateways and exits. Germany get involved in most wars between the nations and are the ones you do-not-mess-with!
Amala- Where other populous Thrive
Bathild- Where Necromancers Thrive
Erna- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive

Norway: Famous for being the most graceful and majestic of the 7 nations, Norway is a nation on the "shy-side" of mankind. They avoid getting involved in wars and political clashes. They are terribly protective of their manpower and lets the corrupted roam out and about. They are the smallest nation but can become large in numbers. They are always up for compromise and fair decisions. "S-show no mercy! Um, okay?..."
Oden- Where Necromancers Thrive
Yrian- Where other populous Thrive
Trygve- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive

Sweden: Known for being the dull ones of mankind, Sweden does things in a exotic fashion and is proud of it. Probably the most wild out of the seven nations, Swedish tend to do small tasks in... big numbers. They resort to most exotic things in situations and love to battle (A great ally to have during wars... knowing they'd plummet into hell for the sake of it). They tend to participate in wars but not political conflicts. Corruption here! Corruption there! LETS GO KILL IT!
Bjorn- Where other populous Thrive
Isak- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive
Hilde- Where Necromancers Thrive

Japan: Famous for being the hard working, disciplined ones of mankind, Japan are politically the most wise and tactful. Japan isolates themselves from most things and put fun for last. They  can be sometimes seen as bounty hunters for those who fail to work hard! They aren't very secured in terms of the corruption populous. Discipline, discipline, discipline! Fun will come last! And be respectful!
Masanori- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive
Shigeru- Where Necromancers Thrive
Tsuyoshi- Where other populous Thrive

France: Known for their wealth, rich materials, and "perfectly safe" environment, France was once a violent nation but after the first great leader died they resorted to a life of money and wine instead of directly participating in wars. They are the first ones to start political conflicts and the lasts ones to take responsibility for them. Wealthier than any other nation, The French could pay their way to success. They are cocky of their positions and prideful! Money, money, money!
Aglae- Where Necromancers Thrive
Celeste- Where other populous Thrive
Enide- Where Corrupted Hosts Thrive

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