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Drone Rules/Information

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Drone Rules/Information

Post by Alik on Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:24 pm


What Are Drones?
Drones are machines built specifically to help mankind advance beyond the gates safely. Considered Robots, Drones were also used to patrol districts and advance areas beyond the gates without humans alongside them. Motion trackers and cameras were built into them so they could track and locate the corrupted. Often carrying firearms or swords, these drones re built for specific things. Such as personal protection, patrol, training, and otherwise. These drones have the ability to do all sorts of things, and one of the minor things is communication. They are more advanced in human communication then all other features. They are built to have certain personalities and ways of thinking.

There are -- types of drones!
- Combat Drones - : Used in combat for both offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes. Act on command of their owner.

- Scouting Drones - : Used to discover unknown locations of that country, often used as NPCS' or for discovering dungeons.

- Domestic Drones - : Used for their owner's personal desires. Often known as a servant. This is the only drone that can be decoded (Decoded: Converted into nothing but codes in order to hack or access a system or sorts.) and come in different and unique models. Cannot be used in combat.

- Vanguard Drones - : Used to protect, instruct, inform, guide, and escort others by the command of their owners. Often seen as a drone of higher standards, this drone is meant to be obeyed by others depending on the owner. Have limited roles in combat.


- Only VD's, CD's, and SD's can be used in combat.

- Only DD's can be Decoded!

- Only one DD until you're B rank or above.

- Drones may wield firearms and melee weaponry.

Corrupted Drones:
Sometimes a man's creation turns against them! In this case, we call them Corrupted Drones. These drones were made by the corrupted, or taken by them. They use it to aid them in whichever scenario they please. These drones are just like others but used in the clutches of the corrupted!

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