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Doctor Crombell [FINISHED]

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Doctor Crombell [FINISHED]

Post by Dr.Crombell on Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:22 pm

Name: (Doctor) Tulvir Fr'on Crombell
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Sexuality: Asexual
Special Characteristics: N/A
Personality: Wicked. Cunning. Acute. Dashing. Intellect. Brilliance.
Some many words can describe Tulvir Crombell. A genius. An artist with the aspects of science and evolution. He has dedicated his life to discovering more about the corrupted and how we, mankind, can evolve from their DNA. More specifically, him. A merciless man who treasures his research more than the lives of others, willing to sacrifice to expand his knowledge. Violence may not solve everything, but it exposes aspects of the corruption never seen before. "Those who have fallen will be remembered and will live on in his research." He says. He has isolated himself from humanity and secluded himself to his laboratory.

Tulvir is a cold-blooded person, who doesn't give a helping hand if he doesn't benefit from it. Sexual desires never reached him either. In fact, romance is a nuisance to him. He is a very serious, hard working man who just appears lazy. He has no "breaks" and buries himself in the paperwork of every known codon and segment of DNA written down from dead hosts. He finds friends just people who runs errands for him. If anything, drones are the ideal comrades.

He is a man of logic and isn't hesitant to apply it to ambitious and unrealistic things. He can be seen as heartless. Introverted. Alone. But he pays no mind to the opinions of others. He is not afraid to engulf himself in the dangers the world has to offer either. If anything, he's brave and confident. Intelligent indeed. He is a scientist and doctor. But never actually applied himself to a job for this "occupation".

What makes this cold-blooded man wicked, is when he gets excited. When he finds something thrilling. He gets very excited to the point it's scary. But don't be fooled, he's not insane, but intimidating! He even sends drones out to capture Corrupted Hosts, there he would dissect them without considering the pain or nervousness they go through. A quiet man, profound in his thoughts. He never states opinion in trivial matters and when he does say something, you better listen. A powerful man with the power of a necromancer. Be weary of him. Fall into his clutches, and may you forever live on his research.


  • Discovering new codons of DNA and abilities.

  • Observing the actions of humanity and corruption.

  • Dissection and testing "medications" on others.

  • Injecting fluids of modified DNA into others.

  • Constantly visiting his labs in other nations.


  • Wars and conflicts between nations.

  • Failure with his research.

  • Theories being drastically different then his.

  • Having his intelligence insulted.


  • Thriving and Prospering successful test subjects.

  • Theories fitting into place.

  • Having money fund his methods and tests.

  • Researching and observing.

  • Money in general.

  • Effective medications.


  • His research being a waste.

  • Death without finalizing his theories.

  • Being given a position of power with many disadvantages.

General Appearance

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167 Lbs.
Hair: Blonde, Wavy Hair.
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair
Picture will suffice:


Nation: Mercenary (Originally from France)
City: Aglae

Special Abilities:

  • Summoning: Tulvir can summon his DNA subjects with little pills that encase a RCP (Rapidly Cell Production) of the DNA of his successful test subjects. This RCP will grow and mature into the final copy in a matter of seconds. Tulvir keeps these "pills" with him 24/7. He has several W.I.P subjects, and several final ones. Every subject has 3 strengths and weaknesses. When used, will post a template of strengths and abilities.


  • Every one has a set of pros and cons.

  • Can spawn anywhere.

  • Different abilities.

Weaknesses: (At least 3)

  • Weak without the pills.

  • Amount of pills are limited depending on the situation.

  • May be vulnerable when in use.

History: Will do later. Alt of Alik.

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