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Adolf Baasch The Third WIP

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Adolf Baasch The Third WIP

Post by Adolf on Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:43 pm

[Image Here]
Name: Adolf Baasch the Third
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sexuality: hetrosexual
Special Characteristics: He has a corrupted arm and it allows him to carry 10x his wait and can be covered in flames. He has a dark blue right eye and a bright green left eye.
Personality: (At Least 250 Words!)


  1. He likes intelligent, kind, and capable women because he wants women to be able to handle themselves in any situation.
  2. He likes adventures because he doesnt want to be serious all the times, sometimes he wants to have fun.
  3. He likes progression because he is not a very patient person.


  1. He dislikes things that get in his way.
  2. He dislikes stupid people.
  3. He dislikes to much seriousness.


  1. His family’s death.
  2. The urge to be the most powerful thing ever!
  3. His instincts.


  1. His Death
  2. The loss of his arm.
  3. Not being powerful.

General Appearance

Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 123.5 lbs.
Hair: Black with pink highlights. Short and straight.
Eyes: Dark Blue right eye and Bright Green left eye.
Skin Tone: A light tan.
Appearance:  Black hair with pink highlights. Blue and Green eyes. Fang-like teeth.Tan skin with scars all over it. 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Weighs 123.5 lbs. Has a black trench coat over a white poet shirt (or pirate shirt). Has black jeans with black combat boots on his feet. Yes, stable corrupted. Has a corrupted arm and back. Because of the corruption on his back it turned into wings. Has a bow and arrows. Has a pistol. Has two combat knifes


City: ]Amala or what ever it was

Special Abilities: Corrupted right arm and back.

Strengths: (At least 3)

Weaknesses: (At least 3)

History: (Optional)


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