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Ariko the Blue Hunter (Finished!)

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Ariko the Blue Hunter (Finished!)

Post by Ariko on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:56 pm

No copywritten images or sources intended to cross copyright, let me say that
Name: Ariko Uszuzinagi
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Scars at the side of the chin
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese-Chinese but technically Canadian
Ariko is the generic soldier anime guy you all know, hot headed and generally dislikes taking orders but he would follow them if it is by a friend, but he really only knows Amar so he usually solo most of the missions he does, he also only takes off his suit when in private or when with trusted friends.
Being unique in his own right, his fighting style is what you'd expect, using cover while also laying fire, Ariko himself while hanging with his friends is humourful! cracking jokes a lot and very friendly whilse doing it, but when in public he USUALLY keeps silent and will try the best he can not to reveal himself.
also with a very young face he is commonly miscomcepted as a teen in thsoe very rare moments where he has his face exposed in public but when called young he might get slightly agitated or angered, mostly annoyed though he might use his young-nishness to have cheaper dinners or for cheaper admissions like parks, but since he does not like fighting he will fight opponents 3 times fold stronger than him since he would not back down from action, but this have gotten him injured in the past like the injured chin thing.
Also being LIKE a teen he likes food, so he gets cranky and unstable when he does not eat for a long time (the longest he wen't is 41 hours before going crazy for food) although he does not care much for thirst, same thing goes for thirst though, go to long without thirst he will get cranky but not unstable like he does with food.
Although having a permanent scar on his chin his fine with injuries but with enough pain Ariko's base body will faint, but being combat oriented means without action for a LONG time (say a month without action) Ariko will get WAY cranky and unstable and might even MAKE action by being dramatic or even leaving his comfort zone to search for the action he seeks.


  • Action
  • food
  • sleeping (A LOT)


  • boring lectures (who doesn't?)
  • Killing for no good reason (Geneside basically)
  • being called young since he looks super young like a teen maybe (his face does anyways)

[*]Getting to show off his skills! Yeah!
[*]the simple idea of not following the Govournment
[*]being able to rid the world of bugs like Bandits!


  • getting someone innocent killed
  • Death itself (I.E he dies)
  • a faction finally taking over everything(like corrupted takes over)

General Appearance
Height: 6 ft and a little more
Weight: 94.7 pounds
Hair: sharp spikey hair, like a generic anime guy except more realistic, His hair colour is dyed grey so when he wears his Armor and his hair might show, it would still match his suit
Eyes: Blue when in Armor, brown eyes, duh
Skin Tone: peachy fine tone
Appearance: white Hunter Armor, medium weighted and glowing blue eyes because he can, without the Armor he wears what he thinks is a "awesome cap" and a wrist band with lucky bracelets (beads) and a brown jacket he found in a junk yard, yeah


Requested Group: Mercenary
Rank: wait what so I'm at D? Meh D then

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Re: Ariko the Blue Hunter (Finished!)

Post by Yuuki on Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:45 pm

ACCEPTED. cheeky

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Re: Ariko the Blue Hunter (Finished!)

Post by Ariko on Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:45 pm

Yay! now brb fellow Admin!

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Re: Ariko the Blue Hunter (Finished!)

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