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Andy, The Silent Blond

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Andy, The Silent Blond

Post by Andy on Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:15 am

Name:  Andrew Kylan
Nickname: Andy
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Sexuality: Pansexual
Special Characteristics:
Andy has many tattoos all over his body. Many are wings, flower and other meaningful types of tattoos. He has a large burn mark on his arm that trails up to his shoulder.
Unlike others Andy is more reserved. Many would think that this would make him a leader that is a push over but thats not it at all. He is very respectful and doesn't like to make enemies. He tends to be calmer than all the other leader and would be called more neutral than anything else. Andy is very secretive, his words chosen wisely, which makes him a great leader. This has given him the ability to keep everything he wants secret and tell the things he needs to get the information he wants.

Often he will call others miss, ma'am, sir and mister. He loves being respectful and thrives on it because that is how he was raised. He doesn't like being the center of attention much and would rather be watching then speaking. Of course he can be very courageous and tends to get angered when others interrupt him or someone speaking. He sometimes resorts to violence if the situation gets bad enough but prefers to talk it out other than fighting. He can sometimes have a hard exterior as being a leader its hard to earn his trust.

Those that have broken through his hard exterior know he is fun loving and happy. He loves helping anyone he can and will always want to crack a joke.  Being like that he is very nice (to people he  even doesn't know) and always wants to help them no matter what. He loves being able to train.  Training is his very life. Everything he does revolves around training.


  • training
    Not being interrupted


  • Disrespect
    Arrogant people
    His country getting out of hand


  • To get as many allies as he can so he can be the most powerful leader.


  • Death-Death is the most fearful thing for him because of the fact that he doesn't know what happens after

    Not knowing- He fears not knowing things such as what happens after death, how is he going to die.

General Appearance

Height: 6 ft 5 inches
Weight:  210 (On the leaner side)
Hair: His hair is a bright blonde that falls over his eyes.
Eyes: His eyes are grey but change to a light blue.
Skin Tone: He has fair skin that is untouched other than his tattoos
Andy is very tall, standing at the height of 6'5. Instead of being muscular and tall he is lean and tall. Though he is lean he is very agile, able to attack swiftly and jump back. He almost always has a hood over his head but it doesn't clearly cover his eyes, he just prefers it because it tames his mass of hair. He has brilliant grey eyes that sometimes get fogged over from his deep thinking. He constantly has a smile on his face, showing his bright perfect pearly whites. He has many tattoos of birds, flowers, feathers, roses, wings, leaves and vines wrap around his body and beautiful art. He believes the body is a temple and tries to get as many tattoos as he can. His skin is very fair and sort of pale, contrasting well with his bright blonde hair that falls over his eyes in thick strands. On his back are two unusual things. Two large angelic like wings unfold from his shoulder blades. There a corrupted feathered dragon scratched his shoulder blades, causing two gigantic white feathery wings to sprout. The wings are almost two times his size and stretch 15 ft in length from tip to sprouting point. When he is angry or annoyed he tends to curl them around himself. Sometimes they get annoying but he hides them in special coats that he has made for his wings. Scars line all over his body from training missions. One day when he was captured by an old enemy his hand was stuck inside a fire. It was almost too burnt to be saved but thankfully he survived but now his hand has burn scars all over it that trail up to his shoulder.


Nation: Originally from Norway but resides in Italy
City: Ilario for a while then Elario now

Special Abilities: He has a small pistol that fits in his boot that he uses for only protection and two daggers that are on both sides of his hips that he uses for intimidation. He has wings on his back from a feathered dragon.

  • Flying
    Keeping his cool
    Silent attacks

  • His lack of aggressiveness
    His wings
    His lack of weaponry

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Re: Andy, The Silent Blond

Post by Alik on Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:44 am


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