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Solstice the Assassin

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Solstice the Assassin

Post by Solstice on Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:25 pm

Name: Solstice
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexuality: Demi-heteroromantic Asexual
Special Characteristics: Long legs and a defining facial shape
Race: Human
Personality Solstice is a quiet person. She prefers to spy and watch rather than wasting her time with petty chit-chat hat and jokes. Sometimes, however, she will make a few jokes, only if she isn't on a job. She is extremely dedicated to making sure she has done everything correctly, and that all of her enemies have been somewhat injured. Despite her rude and extremely quiet outer layer, once you get to know her, she can be quite the person. Solstice mainly hangs out with other assassins, due to the fact that they actually understand what she's thinking- the quietness, the feelings you get on job.. Solstice is the type to always wish to have a living thing beside her, whether it be a human, a creature, or even a drone.  In manner of drones, Solstice has never been one to like them much, even if they do fit her description of a perfect thing to spend time with. They're not creatures of nature, like humans. They were created in some far away engineer's shop. And developed by scientists to fit the nature of what they were created to do. Besides that, Solstice is obviously the type to find things out. It's her job to find things out and make sure that she gets all of the details. If you've said something and were vague or were talking about something with a friend, if Solstice heard even a word of it, she'd have to find out. No "nevermind," and she wouldn't take a simple "Nothing!" That's just not how she works. And to add onto the constantly curious part, Solstice is very intelligent. She always observes and predicts all of the possible outcomes before completing something. It is her way of not getting hurt, injured, etc. Solstice is highly short-tempered, too. If someone is annoying her, if they're clueless about something, she will get frustrated and lash out, especially if they don't understand it the first time she explains it. Never, ever, in Solstice's life will you find her talking to a person she deems idiotic. Of course.. there are some exceptions. It just depends on how they act towards her. The more annoying or rude a person acts towards Solstice, the less she likes them. And you don't want to get on Solstice's bad side - you'll regret it. She will either not talk to that person, get extremely angry when speaking to them, or be depressing. That's another thing: if tired, Solstice will speak in a quiet voice and roll her eyes. She also does this thing called the death stare, which is basically her just staring at someone until they either close their mouths, stop looking at her, or just stop being.. well.. stupid. Her largest pet peeves, though rather odd in the area she lives in, are loud noises and people. She doesn't like people at all. The only way to gain a title of trustworthy and somewhat intelligent in Solstice's standard are simple. One, don't be stupid. Two, don't ever, ever let Solstice hear something about you backstabbing someone, and don't ever backstab her. Even then, it may take awhile to gather enough trust to be Solstice's friend. In summary, Solstice is an extremely easily annoyed, kind, yet hateful person, who is quiet and loud at the same time.

- Hanging out with friends when she's off-duty
- Quiet, cold, and dark rooms
- Books, books, and more books!
- Training

- Stupid people
- Not being left alone
- Having to work in groups (Unless it's one of her best friends)

- Anger
- Ridding the world of things that trouble others
- Being kind
- Depression from certain things

- Overly dark places, it's just terrifying.
-  Death, she doesn't want to miss any of her friends or make her friends go through the grief of loosing her.
- Sickness/Epidemics, for some reason, it just scares her. Especially because her friends and family would die.

General Appearance

Height: 5'2
Weight: 98 pounds
Hair: Blonde, straight and shoulder length
Eyes: Blue with hints of grey
Skin Tone: Olive skin-tone, rather pale
Appearance: Solstice is an average sized girl with blonde, slightly brown tinted hair that goes down just past her shoulder blades. She wears a light white armour with a strong grey and blue chestplate, armplates, and boots. She has goggles that are either on top of her head or over her eyes that allow her to zoom in on a target and communicate. They are silver with blue flashing screens. Off duty, she wears a light white body suit and blue boots, a belt strapped around her waist for easy weapon access.


Requested Group: Mercenaries
Rank: D-Rank

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Re: Solstice the Assassin

Post by Alik on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:06 pm

Okay, few things you need to fix.

-Fears: Give reasons on why your character fears the listed.

-Requested Group: Choose.

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Re: Solstice the Assassin

Post by Ariko on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:39 pm

Mmm she updated after this post, I think Zeno would let this character go forward, hmm.... Reread it about 3 times now Including personality and wow my eyes o.o

Approved since I don't see any problems here

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Re: Solstice the Assassin

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