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Otto Dresdenmeir, The Man AND Machine

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Otto Dresdenmeir, The Man AND Machine

Post by Otto Dresdenmeir on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:06 am

Name: Otto Jaegenscmidt Dresdenmeir
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Much of his body is actually a masterfully crafted fusion of drone and human.
Race: (about 40%) human

Otto is nothing short of a special case when it comes to psychology. In his purest form, Otto is a scientist turned experiment, and the sheer complexity of his existence shows in the very way he stands. Otto is an extremely regimented man, his life dictated by not only the needs and maintenance a cybernetic body requires, but also by the rigors of a scientific career and his position in The Government.

Otto, like all men, however, has is beasts. Inside the calm, collected exterior and constantly straight posture lurks the mind of a half-broken man. Occasionally, Otto can become unnecessarily sadistic, and even borderline evil. He's desensitized to the suffering of others by the dulling of his own nerves, and he's capable of showing little to no sympathy at times, even to the most dire of situations.

In terms of social life and general day-to-day, Otto is generally hard to get along with. His tendency to stare unblinkingly at people when they talk or his uncanny habit of being perfectly silent and still save for the sounds of his cybernetics at work can put certain people off from him. Needless to say, he has a pretty much nonexistent love life due to his cybernetics, and it shows in the way he interacts with the opposite sex.

--- Perfection

--- Non-digital clocks

--- Science

--- Operating

--- Classical music


--- Messes

--- Mercenaries

--- Being interrupted

--- Drones


--- To perfect his art as a surgeon

--- To make the most of his cybernetics

--- To at some point return to normal life


---Deep water

--- Running out of power


General Appearance

Height: 5"10'

Weight: Normally, Otto'd weigh around 200 pounds, but with his cybernetics, he weighs about 500 pounds while still being relatively thin

Hair: Grey, perked up in the front (like the picture)

Eyes: His eyes are an interesting shade of orange

Skin Tone: Pale, but not an unhealthy pale


Otto's Cyber-arms

Otto is relatively thin for someone with so much machine in them. He always stands straight up, preferring to cross his arms behind him whenever he can. He wears a government issue military longcoat to cover his augments from the public eye, but it does poke out, hence the visible cybernetics in the picture. His cybernetics are more or less integrated into his body, but they're still slightly disturbing to see. The visible ones on his exterior are bright and well-maintained, since they're polished almost daily.

On his torso, most of it is a patchwork of bright steel and flesh, the seams of which are fused together. His arms are the most striking, being completely cybernetic in nature, although they're slightly bulky because they need to serve multiple purposes.

Association/Occupation: Government Science Branch

Requested Group: Government

Rank: D

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Otto Dresdenmeir
Otto Dresdenmeir

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Re: Otto Dresdenmeir, The Man AND Machine

Post by Ariko on Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:55 pm

Make sure your personality is 300 words, and change up your profile, nonetheless approved

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