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The Fading Monochrome's Plot!

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The Fading Monochrome's Plot!

Post by Alik on Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:21 pm

Now, before you go on and ask, "What's this site about?", take a minute and smell the roses. Not that you really have a choice.

"It is 3023. It was only so long before we knew this day would come. Our peaceful lives were soon ruptured at the sight that could not be unseen. A grim reminder, centuries later, came back to tell us we are not alone. Corrupted. Hideous creatures, both inside and out. Oh how we pleaded and cried for mercy, but they showed none of which. Mankind was at the brink of extinction before we called drastic measures once we were pinned against the wall. Humanity decided to build large, vast citadels with districts to separate those of higher and lower standards. These were the last few safe cities we knew of. One in each country. Ever since, we've had centuries with nothing but peace. But the gates wouldn't protect us forever. Behind the scenes, the government created a military, an army. Trained to defeat and contain the corrupted.

The numbers grew, both in the government and in the corruption. Both were prepared. Sooner rather then later, our technology evolved. We were able to create drones. Drones that could aid humanity in the reign of the corruption. We set several of them out, but few ever came back. The others disappeared or was found in a corruption nest, but it wasn't like we could save them.

District 9, 4, 12, and 1. Each with there own standards. However, in district 9, a unknown but deadly virus revealed itself. Killed more then half of the district. Those who survived were known as infected. They had a reputation of being cursed, evil, and a corruption's spawn. Bu they weren't really like that, were they? District 4 was filled with markets and shops, much like the shopping district. District 12, where the government and generals lie at ease. And district 1, where the gates are and where soldiers go out on missions. Some corrupted sneak in every now and then but it is heavily guarded.

This is now, but it won't be forever. Will you help humanity's success in survival? Or join the corrupted that seeks to destroy it?"

//That was the novel's lore, site lore will be constantly added based on your characters decisions!//


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