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Siera, The Huntress

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Siera, The Huntress

Post by Siera on Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:17 pm

Name: Siera "Huntress" Marksford

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Sexuality: Straight

Special Characteristics: The most noticeable thing about the mysterious part-time bounty-huntress is the fact she always wears bandages around her mouth, as if she has something to hide. Some say it's just a really bad scar, but that might not be the case.

Race: Human

To describe Siera's true personality would be impossible, but I can give you something pretty darn close to the truth. Firstly, there is something important you should know about her, and it's that she doesn't like to talk about her past. Bring it up even subtly and she could very well slit your throat, and I'm not even joking when I say this.

Her past is extremely complicated and painful for her to talk about, and for good reason, too. Both of Siera's parents were killed by an assassin when she was very young, murdered with dangerous methods involving acid, where their faces had been burned alive in an atomic liquid. The man's name was Jezoi, and he is now known around the cosmos as a dangerous enemy and extremely powerful, which is strange considering the fact the man is known to work alone, with no allies of any sort. Some say he is corrupted, and he has a hefty bounty on his head. Siera is bound and determined to hunt this man down and flay him alive, and burn him in the same cruel, painful, and slow way that he had done to her parents, make him feel the pain she had felt for years.

This gives Siera a ruthless, vengeful, and merciless nature, never lightening up, even after a mission. She is always on edge, even when sleeping, simply because she knows that enemies lurk in every corner, and that to let yourself get comfortable would be the equivalent to a death wish. She seems to be very serious, especially when faced with danger, and is rarely scared by anything, though it has been proven she can be stunned into fear if she comes close to acid, since it is what killed her parents. If anyone mentions deeply guarded secrets to her, threatening her in anyway, she can also be stunned. But this will usually result in her shooting said person in the gut multiple times.

A little known fact about Siera, however, is that she expresses a keen interest in minor things mercenaries of her status and degree don't usually study, such as extraterrestrial life, and animals. She has a degree in zoology, which she doesn't put to waste, and has a degree in Astrology as well, which is shocking for someone of her age. Rarely will she get excited about anything, and prefers to be mute. If she does talk, her voice is cold, heartless, the kind of voice you'd expect from someone who's lost everything, and doesn't give a damn if you die or not. And the hard truth is, she doesn't. Siera cares for no one but herself, and works on solo missions only, very rarely teaming up with a partner.

What makes her hard to partner up with is the fact she rarely talks, only when negotiating with someone or agreeing to a job. This might be because of the bandages around her mouth. No one is quite sure why she has these bandages, but it can be reassured that it isn't for decoration. From the way she speaks, it can be sure that it is painful, for her eyes usually narrow, and she sometimes cringes. However, as stated above (Or below Razz), Siera has an intelligent side. She can become talkative when referring to the cosmos or animals, especially reptilians, and even for specifically, Crocodilia, such as Crocodiles and alligators, a species that has been around since the Cretaceous period.

Not to mention outer stellar worlds. Siera is also an astronomer, so she likes to study the stars, which is one of the reasons she became a bounty huntress, other then the fact she wanted to murder Jezoi. She doesn't talk about this study much, nor her study of animals, since she is always extremely focused on her work. If given the chance, she will study these kinds of things, though. But work always comes before her own personal hobbies and goals.

If you somehow manage to befriend this mysterious assassin, she will treat you kindly, to an extent. By that I mean she won't point a rifle at you head, punch you in the gut, talk rudely to you, or smack you over the head with her fist. Instead, she will simply not speak to you (Take this as a compliment), give you cold glares, order you around, and give you harsh instructions. You should consider this personality a compliment.

Despite being D-Rank, she far surpasses that skill level. She has humility and integrity, so she is willing to be at a low level without complaint. But she has given a few B-Ranks a run for their money if they toy with her too much. She is a strict follower of hierarchy, no matter how much she disapproves of it. As long as the higher-ranking members pose no visible threat to her, she will keep her mouth shut and pretend like they aren't being total A-holes to her, like most men often are. She DOES have pride, especially when it comes to her past and family, and will retaliate against the highers if any offense against her past is made.

Even though she puts on the facade of being a cold and ruthless assassin, Siera has a soft side, believe it or not, but doesn't let anyone know this soft side exists. Sometimes, on very rare occasions, when no one is around, she may cry herself to sleep at night. Sometimes she will have tears come down her cheeks when she is getting dressed. She never shows this kind of emotion or regret when on the field or around people, however, since she doesn't trust humans. She DOES trust animals, and will sometimes talk to dogs when she's lonely, though only if no one is watching. Sometimes she will pet reptilians as well to sooth her temper. Siera has a way with animals, probably because she is a zoologist and that is what she studies, after all.

When she has no jobs to do, isn't punching someone out of anger, or studying the stars or animals on earth, she'll be in the library, reading. She enjoys reading, it's a great stress relief for her. And since Siera always has something to stress about, she always can let out a sigh of relief when she picks up a book. Though the books have to be non-fiction, since she can't stand make-believe stuff. Other then dragons, which have always astonished her. Dragons, mysterious creatures who can breath the elements. It would have been a wonder if these things were real, she would sometimes mutter to herself as she read these books.

One thing is for certain with Siera, though. No matter how cruel, how heartless she acts around people, she will always have a tender side when alone. She simply stuffs her feelings away when around human beings, becoming a cold, cruel assassin, suited for the job. But she will always get her feelings out when she is alone, surrounded by a lizard or two.


  • Animals, especially reptiles and extraterrestrial life.

  • Her own company. She prefers being alone.

  • Books, since she can learn from them.


  • People telling her what to do.

  • Anyone who thinks they're better then her, or anyone else for that matter.

  • Jezoi, and assassin who killed her mother and father.

Motivations: (What motivates your character in life? At least 3, and bullet point!)


  • Jezoi, an assassin who killed her parents.

  • Acid, since her parents were killed by highly concentrated acid.

  • People discovering her true identity.

General Appearance

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 Ib

Hair: Black, with a velvet-texture. A part of it slides down her face and covers her left eye. Her hair goes down to about her shoulders, and it thins out to give her a fierce yet very beautiful appearance.

Eyes: Dark blue

Skin Tone: Light, slightly tanned.

Appearance: The first most noticeable thing about Siera is the fact she always wears bandages around her mouth. She has never been seen without them. Some say this was caused by an accident that got her mouth burned off. Though that would be proven false since she can talk, so the reason is unknown. Her hair loops down across her left eye, and it is a pitch black with a strand of white, though not from age, mainly just for style. The clothes she wears aren't extremely high-tech, either. Instead, she wears a leather vest. As for weapons, she carries a sword, small dagger, small gun, and a pistol.


Requested Group: Mercenary

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Re: Siera, The Huntress

Post by Ariko on Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:56 pm

O good profile good profile! Let me say it, CLIMAX TIME!


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Re: Siera, The Huntress

Post by Andy on Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:09 am

Nice application but what about the motivations?

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Re: Siera, The Huntress

Post by Ariko on Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:54 am

Huh? I swore it was there before.... Where did it go??? Well just put it back, nothing to go crazy about

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Re: Siera, The Huntress

Post by Sponsored content

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